In geological formations, such as canyon walls, I see familiar striped patterns, but in an enormous scale and representing much longer periods of time. The core sample series was inspired by my experiences in pristine nature. I became interested in the possibilities to capture the essence of the geological time, the length of time that is difficult for us to comprehend. The real core samples collected by geologists reveal variations in climate, life forms and sedimentary composition during geologic history.

These paintings have layers (or beds) of landscapes, which are squeezed by time and “flattened”. Some of the pigments I use in painting come from the rocks and the way pigments mix with water imitates the geological processes. I paint these landscapes flat and then force them into a cylindrical form in my core sample series. While I am painting stripes they turn into inner emotional landscapes. One can recognize the landscape in them, but they are in motion all the time as if you were watching a movie where you can slide back and forward in time and space.

This installation was up at Third Street Gallery, Grand Forks, North Dakota on April 2014.